Discover the lagoon of New Caledonia, the largest lagoon in the world

Dive in the heart of the coral reefs of New Caledonia, in the largest lagoon in the world. Meet the most unique coral and fish populations in the world. Let yourself be surprised by the encounter with the marine mammals that inhabit it. With Aircalin, discover the treasures of New Caledonia's lagoon, a Unesco World Heritage Site. 

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The lagoon: an underwater eldorado

New Caledonia alone represents 75% of the reefs and lagoons in the French territories. The extraordinary wealth of marine life is an exceptional heritage. Imagine: 24,000 km² of protected lagoon to explore, 350 species of coral and nearly 1,600 species of fish!


The New Caledonian lagoon is also a wonderful playground for divers. Whether you go for a simple snorkeling trip or an excursion, the diving spots are renowned for their amazingly varied fauna and flora. You will discover intact and preserved ecosystems in the heart of the reef structures where  a multitude of species have found refuge.

Lagoon nouvelle-caledonie bleu

A natural jewel classified as a UNESCO world heritage site

A safe lagoon, sheltered bays and numerous uncrowded anchorages make the Caledonian lagoon a true paradise for sea lovers. 


In 2008, part of this lagoon was listed as a World Heritage Site, a true sanctuary of exceptional marine biodiversity. It is the second largest reef complex in the world with the presence of one of the rare "double reef barriers" and the existence of important nesting sites for marine turtles.

Les falaises de Jokin de Lifou

The sites of the Caledonian lagoon

The lagoon is divided into six distinct sites that you will have to visit to become aware of the extent of this natural jewel. The six lagoons of New Caledonia thus include the Entrecasteaux reefs, the Great North Lagoon, the North and East coastal area, the Ouvea and Beautemps-Beaupré Island area, the West coastal area and the Great South Lagoon.

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Boat trip on the islets of the South Lagoon

The South Lagoon offers several remarkable spots, true kaleidoscopes of the coral garden. Beyond, the seagrass beds and sandy areas are the haunt of rays or sleeping sharks. Just twenty minutes from Noumea, the Tepava potato, south of the platier of the Maître islet, will enchant young and old.

Vue du ciel Haut vol îlot

Paradise escapades

For those fond of Robinson Crusoe-style adventures, many yachting organizations offer one or more days of excursions at sea and on a paradise islet with all the desired comfort, departing from Noumea or other communes of Grande Terre and the islands. Swimming, lazing around, picnics on the beach and a night under the stars under the Milky Way await you.

Ouvéa-Paysage d'Ouvéa

The Pleiades of Ouvea

The Ouvea Atoll, classified in its entirety as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the true jewel of New Caledonia. Its waters are world-renowned as some of the most beautiful diving spots in the world, including the Taurus and Styx passes.

Excursion en radeau à Lifou

A marine paradise that will delight the whole family

In Noumea, for a family day out, you can combine an outing to the Amedee Lighthouse. The little ones can enjoy the protected marine reserve in a PMT or on the glass-bottom boat, while you treat yourself to an excursion with the diving club.